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What is Jazda?

Jazda is a Free Soft- Hardware, no-nonsense bicycle computer following the tradition of the Sigma series. That means it:

It also wants to be, with various success:

What Jazda isn't?

It's not a smartphone strapped to a bicycle. it will not keep your passwords, you will not have to charge it every day or carry it around. It's unlikely to have loadable apps, or connect to the internet, or order food for you.

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Source code

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Current features


Jazda is already useful, but it's not finished. Current goals:

Why start a new project?

Off-the-shelf bicycle computers are well made, but what if we want to see a real-time speed profile? Or log the track to SD card, or measure road shakiness, or ditch the batteries and go solar?

Because the designs are closed, very little of this is possible. Apart from the seemingly dead Obico, which took the smartphone-like approach, there are no other bicycle designs. Jazda wants to fill that void.